Who we are

Who We Are

Our mission is to make life easy with technology.

Varspec is a telecommunications  company offering forwarding phone numbers to use for calls and text messaging capabilities with global applications. We offer phone numbers in 90 countries to keep you connected globally for personal or business use. Continuously we develop business solutions everyday to improve our customers quality of life and increase their business power. Offering advanced features such as translated text messages, SMS advertising, automated conference calls and much more, Varspec is sure to you make life easier and increase productivity. The company was founded in 2014 in NY, NY.


Our Goals

Since our inception in 2014, we have been driven to providing excellent service and innovative products that allow our customers to be more productive and work less, using our technology.
We are motivated stay consistently ahead of our competitors and offer services and technology that no one else is, in which are succeeding in this everyday.
High quality customer service is another primary focus of ours which we put a lot of energy into. We openly listen to any issues or complaints that any of our customers may have and we will do our best to satisfy our customers.
We are driven from ingenuity and that is our core. To provide world class State-of-the-Art technology that advances beyond all the rest.
Give us a call or send us a note, so we can discuss how we can help you and your business grow.

Our Promise

Our promise to our customers is to provide the highest level of respect, customer service and expected quality to all our customers small or big, everyone is treated with the highest level of quality.
If at any time any customer feels unsatisfied please feel free to let us know immediately and we would be more than happy to listen to your issue and do anything we can to help and satisfy.

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