Import your data from other great services! Currently we offer integrations from GMail contacts, Google Calendar and export your call data to Google Analytics.

Current Integrations

  • GMail Contacts
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Analytics

Google GMail Contacts

Import your GMail Contacts into your Varspec contacts database. Using OAuth2.0 authentication, you will authorize Varspec to import contacts from any GMail account you login to. The process happens within seconds.

This is useful because you can get call history of contacts and the name will appear next to your calls and texts histories.

Google Calendar

Import your Google Calendar events and view them within your account. Events can be setup as phone calls, text messages or conference calls and the information can be sent out to everyone invited to the event.

Google Analytics

The way we’ve integrated Google Analytics is very unique. If you get your UA code from Google Analytics and save it to your phone number settings, we will post call data to your Analytics code. This data can be viewed within Google Analytics.

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