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    • Is there a contract?
      No. Cancel at anytime.


    • Is there an account minimum?
      No. You can have as little as $1.00 in your account balance. There is a $10 minimum charge to refill your account.


    • Will my account get canceled if I dont use it?


    • Can I accept calls from anyone in the world?
      Yes. You can also block callers.


    • Can someone explain to me how to use a feature?
      Yes, please contact us HERE


    • Do I have to pay for unanswered calls?
      No. Not unless it goes to voicemail.


    • Am I charged for dropped calls?
      Yes. Any dropped calls that occur due to your signal service, you will still be charged. Any calls that were dropped assumed being due to any technical errors on our behalf, we will investigate and your account will not be charged if it is found that was due to a technical error on our end.