Conference calls have never been this simple.


  • Turn any phone number into a conference number. Phone numbers can be changed to conference numbers, extension directory or simple forwarding number at any time.
  • A variety or hold music.
  • Setup an appointment and the application will automatically dial up to 40 attendees at once. No need to anyone to dial in.
  • Conference join access codes are available.
  • Easily email conference details to attendees.
  • Users can call in as a host or attendees can enter the corresponding access code.
  • The phone number must be configured in the phone settings to be used as a conference number. Which can be done in seconds.
  • Record the conference.
  • International attendees.
  • Unilmited number of conferences.
  • Automated Conference Appointments

    • Invite as many as 40 attendees.
    • Setup a conference call as an appointment and have it ring to every attendee at that time, without prompting for for login access.
    • Call out to any phone number.
    • Setup a one time conference call or make it a recurring event.
    • No extra cost for this feature except, each attendee is charged at an outgoing minute rate for that country.