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What We Offer

Varspec is essentially a call forwarding service with a ton of feautes. We offer TDM lines as well as VOIP service. All our rates are competitively priced. The main difference between us and the competition if we offer numbers from all over the world and a ton of cool features no one else does.

How Do We Work

Our services are pay as you go. You only need to put money on your account and we deduct it as you use it. It never runs out and you can cancel at anytime. There actually is nothing to cancel because we have no contracts.

Our Clients

We cater to the SMB market. We are great for daily business use. Some of our clients are real estate agents managing a team. Other clients use online advertising for tracking offline activity and mass text messages. Most of our clients are SMB that need a unique phone number with advanced services such as extensions, after hours settings, hold music, conference calling and a lot more.

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The future of communication is now. We make it easy for you to connect locally and globally

Cutting edge technology meets world class service.

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Focus Features

Automatic Text Message Translation

Our ZING-ZING servie is a cross two-way automatic text message translation software. Users can send messages in their native language and communicate to others in their language. Translate up to 60 languages.

Automatic Conference Calling

Set appointment times for conference calls and automatically call all attendees to join the meeting.

Mass Test Messaging

Send 1000s of messages at once with MMS and tracking capabilities. Set a specific time and date. Use only one time or a reoccurring event. Track if the URL in your text message was clicked and by which phone number.

our features

Take a look at all that we offer. More solutions than anyone else.

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