Send SMS/MMS messages to any number

Create custom ads with a short URL that are automatically sent as a mass text.

How it works

  • Create your custom text which is optional or use an image which is optional, or both together.
  • Enter your URL and your Google Analytics UTM tracking variables.
  • Select who to send the messages to, by group or who have called or text one of your phone numbers.
  • Select the ad youve created to be sent.
  • Select the time zone, time, and date and recurrence frequency, such as sending it one time, daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Save and your set!
  • This will run forever until you stop it.
  • Users can opt out and in by custom response text you setup. For example, test NO! to stop receiving or enter a code 112233 to opt in.

Ad Tracking

We offer an internal ad tracking system that you can view how many clicks one ad received, or you can give a unique tracking ID to each person and track who clicks the link uniquely allowing you to remarket your ads to that person.

The data is collected in real time